Introducing Ivory

I am roughly two years old lab mix. My dad was a victim of a homicide and the transition has been a little stressing. I am in my new foster home and enjoying life again. I love being in the house and have excellent manners. I am pretty independent , but my walls come down if you start rubbing my ears or belly. I turn into a yellow blob at your feet and would prefer you continue my belly rub until I am almost asleep!

I don’t really play with other dogs . I don’t mind being with them as long as they are not alpha type dogs. I don’t start any fights but seem to fear dogs coming at me quickly and show themĀ  all the signs to leave me alone.

I like playing fetch with a tennis ball . I am really comfy driving in a car with my foster mom.

I would be a perfect addition for someone living alone and alone at times of the day. I would be on alert for anyone entering the yard or house. I am very intimidating to strangers when I am signaling stranger in our space. Once I trust you, I am back to being the yellow ball of mush and full of love. When I went to the vet the other day, I made all kinds of new human friends. I was a social butterfly and pretty much made everyone pet me until it was my turn to see the doc.

I am spayed, micro chipped , heart worm negative and up to date on my shots.