Bug-Z was found hiding under a truck when he was just 5 months old. He didn’t look like a puppy, he looked like an old man.

He had both Scarcoptic Mange and Demodectic Mange, pneumonia, he was entropic in both eyes, eye infection, throat infection, and his collar was grown into his leg and his neck and had to be surgically removed. The vet said he had parasites A through Z. That’s how he got his name.

Today after proper medicine, food and love Bug-z is a gorgeous forever member of a loving home in Tennessee.


Lucy’s story starts with a call to SHARP one very cold December morning. The caller reported there were two starving puppies on Hwy 411 in danger from the traffic and unusual cold weather. Our SHARP team headed out and found the pups eating road kill to survive. We will never forget those small scared faces and the eye watering smell on the 2 girls from the road kill. A warm bath, healthy food, lots of love and the girls were on their way to a new life.

Lucy’s sister Cossette found a wonderful home and family In New Hampshire. Lucy was picked from the adoption site by an extraordinary young man named Tim in Washington DC. Lucy has grown into a beautiful adult dog and makes regular visits around our national treasures in Washington DC.

We are grateful to these people who take a chance and adopt a dog from a website with just a picture and a description. We think they are wonderful for giving our homeless dogs in Polk County Tennessee a new life filled with toys, good food, and lots of love, play and a soft bed.